60 min Massage - $85

85 min Massage - $125

2 hr Massage - $180

*Bundle - Three 85 min massages for $350 (to be used within a 6 month period).



60 min Custom Facial - $85

• All Skin Types - includes décolleté

This facial is tailored to your skincare wants and needs. During my initial consultation we will cover your current routine, skin struggles as well as your goals for treatment and a customized recommendation of products. Facial includes a skin analysis, gentle cleansing and exfoliation, extractions, mask and facial massage.

Mini Facial(30 min) - $40

This includes cleansing, exfoliation, and a mask. Optional extraction or massage.


*Add on a 15 min scalp massage ($20) to any of the packages below for extra relaxation.

60 min Massage & Facial (120 min) - $155

Because you are worth every minute. Really feel completely pampered by getting a full body 60 min massage followed by a full custom facial, specifically designed for your skin.

85 min Massage & Dry Brushing (125 min) - $160

Full body exfoliation that helps increase blood circulation while promoting lymph flow. Helping you feel silky smooth! Followed by a full body massage that will continue to help the body detoxify.

Lets Do it all (145 min) - $185

40 min full body dry brush, 60 min massage, 30 min facial, and completed with an extra 15 min scalp massage.


Scalp Massage (15 min) - $20  

Let me calm your busy and overworked mind! All my massages come with a component of scalp massage, but this add-on is especially transformative and relaxing. Increasing circulation to the scalp with massage can help with mental exhaustion, headaches, stress, and improve hair growth and sleep.

Mini Facial(30 min) - $40

This includes cleanse, exfoliation, and mask. I can do extraction in this time if you would like or just massage.

Dry Brush (40 min) - $45

Full body exfoliation that helps increase blood circulation while promoting lymph flow. Known to help the body detoxify.


Types of Massage


Lomi Lomi Massage - Healing & Rejuvenating

My specialty, Lomi Lomi massage, is an ancient healing art form rooted in indigenous Hawaiian healing practices created to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Different from conventional massage, Lomi Lomi is not only relaxation-centered, it is primarily therapeutic, addressing the many layers of the body with a rhythmic dance of forearm movements and elbow pressure. By pushing slowly and deeply into the tissue of the body Lomi helps to move fluid, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, stretch and release muscle tightness, and melt away stress and tension. It can be utilized to address very specific injuries and areas of pain or as a full-body healing ritual. Lomi Lomi also includes glute work, hip stretches and a stomach massage that helps improve digestion.


Relaxation Massage - Tranquil & Nurturing

My relaxing spa massage is intended to lull you into peaceful surrender with long flowing movements and gentle tension release to melt away your stress and calm your busy mind. This massage is great for those who are new to massage and want to ease into the process.


Deep Tissue/Sports Massage - Focused & Therapeutic

My deep tissue massage is intended to be extremely therapeutic, reaching the deepest layers of the muscle, tendon, and fascia to help break up those uncomfortable knots. A misconception about deep tissue work that people often have is that it is supposed to be hard and painful, but if done right you can reach the deepest layers of the body without bruising or pain. This style is a good choice for those who have specific problem areas or suffer from chronic pain.


Hapai (Pregnancy) Massage - Safe & Soothing

Receiving massage while pregnant can help increase circulation, reduce stress, and alleviate joint pressure and physical discomfort. Using adapted massage techniques I customize each pregnancy massage to fit your individual needs and preferences best suited to where you are in your pregnancy. Available during your second and third trimester only.


Custom Massage - Unique & Specific

While every massage I give is custom, this option allows you to choose which massage modalities you prefer. Based on your needs and desires I will use a specialized hybrid approach to promote healing, release tension, and improve circulation. Communication here is key!



Live Botanical  

Local Portland herbalist created skin-care using high-quality whole plant extracts and unrefined organic oils for a healthy complexion.

This line is everything I wanted in a skincare line for my clients: natural, conscious and green. They are committed to being environmentally and social responsible in their sourcing, formulation, packaging, and delivery. They also look amazing, feel amazing and do amazing things for your skin!

  • Ingredient quality is a huge priority and by maintaining strict criteria for locally sourced ingredients and fair trade certification for everything else we are able to deliver only the best elements for your skin.

  • If organic certification is not an option, we work with local producers who follow organic guidelines or ethically wild-harvested using rules outlined by United Plant Savers.

  • Oils, butters and waxes will always be GMO free and unrefined or minimally refined depending on consistency requirements.

  • Preservatives will never be rated more than a 1 on the Environment Working Group (EWG) scale of ingredient safety.

  • We absolutely never test on animals and we rarely use animal based ingredients, with the exception of our bee products which come from local beekeepers who are dedicated stewards of the bee’s long term health and livelihood.

Molly Muriel

Molly Muriel LLC was created with a vision of integrity and environmental consciousness.

No synthetic perfumes or fragrances, only pure essential oils. No un-natural food colorings or pigments, all colors are achieved with plant botanicals and/or clays.